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Shelly White

My name is Shelly White, I live in East Sussex with my partner and four children, and I am a huge advocate of yoga!

My personal journey with Yoga started in 1999, whilst on a silent Vipasana meditation retreat in Thailand. I wasn't really sure what I had signed up for, partaking in a silent 10 day meditation retreat, with no previous meditation experience, and I didn't realise at the time what an impact it would have on my life and future. Over the years my yoga practice grew, it took a long time for it to become solid and regular but the seed had been planted. I aspired to study yoga in India and it was there I undertook my Teacher Training with the Ananda Vedanta Ashram in 2010.

I have a love for travel and the new cultures, landscapes, people and food that I am treated to and learn from. I spent several years travelling in Central and South America, I was very fortunate to have experienced this, and although my backpack is not so well used these days, I am still continuously inspired by my experiences abroad.

Yoga became an invaluable tool and gift to me during my pregnancies, and subsequently as a mother. It also gives endless play and bonding time with my children, and its plays a part in their everyday life.

I practice yoga because it is a constantly evolving journey that opens up new pathways, loves, and lessons. It makes me feel alive, and hopefully a better person. And I teach, because it is a pleasure and an honour to share and grow with this amazing knowledge that we are blessed to have had passed down to us and shared with us. It is a great privilege to be part of your yoga journey.