Pregnancy Yoga

Shelly is pregnant and sitting in sukasana yoga pose with hands in anjali mudra, bowing her haed to heart.
What is pregnancy yoga?

Pregnancy is a truly magical experience, but does not come without it's difficulties and discomforts. Yoga compliments and enhances the magical, and aids the discomforts. Pregnancy yoga is gentle and nurturing, with specific poses designed for the pregnant body, to safely stretch, strengthen, and relax, leaving you feeling renewed and in balance. 

Through specialised physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation, visualisation, and relaxation, yoga can help to bring some valuable quiet time into your week. 

- Help to relax the body & mind, managing tension and stress

- Maintain health & comfort during pregnancy

- Regulate energy levels

- Connect & bond with your baby

- Ease minor ailments of pregnancy

- Help to prepare for birth, and overcome pain during labour

- Dedicated time for you & baby

Benefits of pregnancy yoga
Shelly is pregnant and lying in a restorative yoga pose, with yoga props and a fluffy rug.

Pregnancy yoga is suitable from 14weeks ,until full term, whether new to yoga or not. During the first trimester of pregnancy, the body is going through many changes, and so will benefit greatly from rest and relaxation. Please do contact me on if you would like further information regarding yoga during pregnancy or the classes.