Children's Yoga

What is children's yoga?

Through storytelling, games, adventures and music, we create shapes with our bodies called poses (or asana), these are non-competitive and non-judgemental, the aim is not to do the pose 'perfectly' but with awareness and respect for our bodies. We  become aware of our breath and its' link to our physical movement, but also as an aid to relax us. Relaxation is a big part of yoga, and we use different mediums to help encourage this, sometimes through massage (we may sit in a 'train' on the floor giving the person in front a head massage), drawing, or visualisation. It becomes a multi-sensory experience, and yoga is a super-fun way for children to develop important skills in a supportive environment.

These classes are workshops are suitable for all members of the family;  younger and older kids, parents, grand-parents. The classes are themed so that the poses, breathing exercises, games, and relaxation all fit around the theme. Family yoga classes are similar to the children's yoga classes in format, but involving all members of the family. It's fun and energetic, but also with an emphasis on quiet time, creating a special time for bonding.

What is family yoga?
What are the benefits?

- Improves strength and flexibility, builds concentration and balance.

- Increases self confidence and positive self-image.

- Encourages compassion, respect, and generosity.

- Teaches self awareness, self-love, and self-acceptance.  Also awareness, love, and acceptance of others.

- Educational, expands knowledge of the world (and universe), nature, themselves.

- A healthy, fun activity, for parents/family member to do with their child.

A child doing yoga crow pose
Two children doing flower pose yoga
A child and shelly doing a yoga pose together, rock yoga pose

Classes offered:

Childrens yoga (after school clubs)

Pre-school yoga (parent and 2-4 year olds)

Family yoga (children and adults of all ages)

Private childrens yoga classes (classes at your home)