We have been going to Yoga for years and have had several teachers. They have all been lovely but Shelly stands out because of her gentle encouragement, clear and knowledgeable instruction and awareness of each of her pupil's limits.

Shelly teaches us to relax in meditation and by focusing on coordinating our breathing  with exercise, how we can improve our health both mentally and physically.

If you have been thinking about taking up Yoga or are already advanced and you wish to stretch yourself further then you should call Shelly.


Kym & John New

I wanted to say thanks for Saturday's workshop. I had been feeling very stressed the last few weeks, what with one thing and another, I wasn't sleeping well but since Saturday I feel like a new woman. It's seriously had an effect on me and I feel positive, renewed, and sleeping like a baby. So thank you so much. It was gentle and my heart and head feel connected once again.


Emma Searly Sanders

I've been attending Shelly's Yoga classes and Workshops since she first started teaching yoga. Shelly has a lovely way about her and I really enjoy her teaching style. She guides you into each asana very carefully and always shows alternatives for each asana depending on your capability. Her classes are varied and suit all levels. Shelly's workshops often reflect the season with a long meditation at the end. I always come away feeling so relaxed yet energised with a positive mind-set after each class. It's the little touches too... meditative yoga music and on chilly evenings there is often a fresh brew of herbal tea after class, oh and not forgetting the new friends I have made. Unfortunately I have now moved overseas and am gutted that I cannot find another teacher like Shelly!


Rebecca Bolton

I would highly recommend your yoga class to anyone. However frazzled & stressed I am when I arrive, I always leave feeling totally chilled and stretched. I particularly love the quotes which range from some holy yogi wise words, to AA Milne Winnie the Pooh. 

Caroline DeVille

I have started yoga lessons with Shelly recently. I find the yoga class is different every week. Which is great because you challenge different muscles. I like the focus on core strength. I do enjoy the relaxed nature of the lesson. Relaxed in the mind not the body! We do work hard. 

I find Shelly a very well informed yoga teacher. Poses are taught with many variations and it's up to the student to do what is comfortable. 

Thank you Shelly. I love my Wednesday mornings. 

Maisa Patel

I have attended Shelly's weekly hour long yoga classes for the past 2.5 years. I've also attended some of her longer workshops. Shelly is very intuitive and manages to pitch the classes just right, be that relaxing or sometimes more structured. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace and ability.

Shelly has a fabulous calm and tranquil disposition which I aspire to!! 

I would highly recommend Shelly's yoga style to anyone, it suits people of all abilities 

Eleanor Adamthwaite

I have really enjoyed attending Shelly's yoga classes over the last five years.  This is because Shelly is such a good teacher and a lovely person with a great philosophy about life. 

Christine Lawrence

To anyone unsure whether to give yoga a go, thinking they're not young enough, fit enough or flexible enough, this is the perfect class for you!! These were exactly my thoughts before trying out yoga.. how wrong I was!  Everyone in the small class were welcoming , friendly and supportive... yoga has helped me on and off the mat, my posture is better etc. Shelly is always there to encourage you, help you where needed, and makes the class fun!! Give it a go, you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.. 

Chantal Glynn